Collection: Monthly Art Supply Kit

Say hello to the Monthly Art Supply Kit! It's the perfect, worry-free choice for homeschooling parents of elementary-aged kiddos. No more stress about rounding up art supplies for your monthly lessons. With our subscription, you get a handpicked selection of art goodies that match your curriculum, all delivered straight to your door.

Key Features

  • Convenient Delivery: Have all the supplies you need for your monthly art lessons delivered right to your doorstep. Super handy, right?
  • Variety of Products: Look forward to a unique selection of art supplies each month, making sure you've got all the gear to rock your art projects.
  • Build Your Supplies: Gradually create your very own art supply treasure trove, giving you the freedom to play with a bunch of different mediums and techniques.
  • Open and Go: With the perfect set of supplies for each art lesson, you can jump straight into creating, no more last-minute store dashes!


  • Pre-Recorded Art Lessons: Get complimentary access to the art lesson membership with your subscription. New themes and videos released monthly.
  • Perfectly Matched to Your Lessons: Get exactly what you need for your art curriculum, making things easier and letting the learning flow smoothly.
  • Discover New Mediums: Dive into everything from watercolors to air-dry clay, and watercolor paper to oil pastels. Our kits are your ticket to exploring all sorts of art mediums.
  • Saves You Time and Hassle: Say goodbye to the endless search for art supplies each month. More time for you to focus on teaching and creating awesome art.
  • A Better Learning Experience: With top-notch art materials always at hand, your child gets to dive deep into their art lessons and let their creativity soar.

Make art lessons a fun and relaxed time for both you and your kiddo with our Monthly Art Supply Kit. It's a great addition to your homeschooling routine, sparking a love for creativity and self-expression. Go ahead and subscribe now to open up a whole new world of artistic adventures!

Monthly Art Supply Kit